Hello People I’m Donald Trump


Srđan Ćešić

Godinu dana od kad su me Trampov dolazak na vlast I nova faza propasti svega naterali da napravim ovaj video.

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Hello people, I’m Donald Trump
It’s what you get when you drain the swamp
I have thick skin and my hands are tiny
But I can make FBI inspect your heinie
My sons are really handsome
They are the Trumps but they could be the Mansons
My family values are clean crystal holy water
And I’m doing DOING my daughter

Oh God, look at the American dream
We‘ll burn the shit out of coal and gasoline
The border wall hard-on and the Muslim ban
It makes me wanna celebrate like the Ku Klux Klan

You are a real beauty but now get in the queue
By the age of twelve I’m going to rape you
Let’s have a huge party in my bed
You, me ‘n’ the thing that died on my head
I was doing my tic-tac routine
When I met this guy, Vladimir Putin
He is five feet tall but huge like a Tzar
He captured my balls in a very tight jar

Oh God, look at the American dream
Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the movie Scream
I’m not even gonna pretend
One of these days I might bring the world to the end

If you look at the world, there is nothing but gloom
If Donald Trump sneezes, you may have a nuclear mushroom
What’s all this about, I don’t have a clue
But we’re going to have to figure out: What does this button do?
Land of the free
I just grab you by the pussy
Listen to the forecast now that I’m in power
Four years shitstorm and golden shower

Oh God, look at the American dream
It’s going to be beautiful under a Nazi regime
Party – so nice and people are cute
We say howdy with a Hitler salute
If your a Muslim, Mexican or gay
The House of Cards is going to seem like children’s play

I am Donald Trump
I am the Gimp and I am Forest Gump
I am Donald Tramp
It’s gonna be a historic dump
I am Donald Tramp
It is time for a new Mein Kampf

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